Name:10-(2,5-dihydroxyphenyl)-10h-9-oxa-10-phospha-phenantbrene-10-oxide (DOPO-HQ) CAS NO:99208-50-1 Molecular formula: C18H13O4P Structural formula: detail

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Quality index: Appearance:White powder Content: ≥ 99% Instruction: It can be used as antibacterial agent, flame retardant and reactant in the synthesis of monomer. At present, DOPO-HQ is widely used as a new generation of halogen-free, environmentally friendly and green flame retardant monomer in the field of flame retardant. DOPO-HQ is mainly used in flame retardant, special functional polymers, epoxy resin, luminescent materials, modified materials and other fields. Dohq-po will gradually replace epoxy resin as environmental protection material. Dopo-hq, as a derivative of DOPO, can also be used for flame retardant treatment of linear polyester, polyamide, epoxy resin, polyurethane and other polymer materials, as well as plastics for electronic equipment, copper lining laminate, circuit board and other materials. The synthesis conditions of phosphorus containing flame retardants DOPO-HQ were optimized. The synthesized DOPO-HQ was characterized by 1HNMR, FTIR and elemental analysis. Flame retardant rigid polyurethane foam (FRPUF) was prepared as flame retardant to study its flame retardancy. The results showed that the ratio of DOPO to para quinone was 1.1:1, and the reaction temperature was 78 C at four carbon chloride. Under the optimal reaction time of 14 h, DOPO-HQ was successfully synthesized. The process is simple, the process is safer, the product purity is high, and the yield is high. The addition of.DOPO-HQ can significantly improve the flame retardancy of rigid polyurethane foam. After adding 45 DOPO-HQ, the vertical combustion grade of rigid polyurethane foam can reach V-0 grade, and the limit oxygen index (LOI) reaches 27%, which is a refractory grade. The results show that the total heat release is obviously reduced and the flame retardant mechanism is obvious Packing: 25kg / bag or 500kg/bag Storage precautions: store in cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse. Annual capacity: 500 tons / year

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