Name: Hexaphenoxycyclotriphosphazene CAS NO:1184-10-7 Molecular formula:C36H30N3O6P3  Structural formula: detail

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Quality index: Appearance:White crystalline powder Content: ≥ 99% Instruction: Hexaphenoxycyclotriphosphazene has a unique P, n hybrid structure, showing high thermal stability, flame retardancy, high limiting oxygen index (LOI) and low smoke emission performance. It is an additive halogen-free flame retardant. It is widely used in epoxy resin, copper clad laminate, LED light-emitting diode, powder coating, potting material and polymer material. It is a kind of excellent fire-retardant and self extinguishing material This product is additive halogen-free flame retardant, mainly used in PC, PC / ABS resin, PPO, nylon and other products. When this product is used in PC, when the hpctp content is 8-10%, the flame retardant grade of the product reaches FV-0; this product also has good flame retardant effect on epoxy resin, and can be used to prepare EMC for large-scale integrated circuit packaging, and its flame retardant performance is much better than that of traditional phosphorus bromine flame retardant system; this product can be used in Benzoxazine Resin glass cloth laminate, and when the hpctp content is 10%, the flame retardant grade reaches FV-0 The product can be used in polyethylene, the LOI value of flame retardant polyethylene material can reach 30 ~ 33; the product can be added to viscose fiber spinning solution to obtain flame retardant viscose fiber with oxidation index of 25.3 ~ 26.7 This product is a kind of compound with P and N as the basic skeleton. Its structure is stable, and there is no halogen pollution problem. When it burns, there is basically no toxic gas and no secondary disasters. It can also be used in organic solvents, and it can endure high temperature, water and oil for a long time. It has good flame retardancy and little addition. In general, when the content of BDP is 8-10%, the flame retardant grade of the product can reach FV-0, which is 50% of BDP and RDP. Due to the stable structure and small amount of additives, the properties of products and other substances are not changed during use. This product is white crystal. It doesn't need to be heated during use, and it doesn't need special packing for transportation. It's more convenient for use and transportation. Packing: 20kg / bag Storage precautions: store in cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse. Annual capacity: 500 tons / year

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